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Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence encompasses the concept of machines accomplishing tasks that traditionally have required human cognitive traits such as "learning" or "problem solving”. Applications of artificial intelligence include everything from vehicular navigation, forex trading, search algorithms, and game theory. The ability for humanity to leverage the processing power of computers and build machines that can access data, apply algorithms and then train themselves to deduce insights from the underlying data is impossible to overstate.


Why it’s a focus for us

AI is fundamentally changing the way businesses, and even humanity itself, will operate and function on a day to day basis. The growth of automation is increasing productivity for companies and repurposing jobs that traditionally would have required human interaction. The rapid development of AI is going to result in the greatest reorganization of human talents and resources in history. Victory Square Technologies wants to be positioned at the forefront of this monumental turning point in human civilization and help shape positive outcomes from the expansion of this technology.